Investment Spotlight: Coffee Clozers, Cohort 5

Presh Dineshkumar
August 2, 2023

Founder University is excited to announce our investment in Coffee Clozers.

Coffee Clozers is a SaaS tool to help new real estate investors find cashflow-positive properties.

We first met Liam during Founder University Cohort 5, and were quickly impressed by the team's ability to add paying users within the first few weeks of launching their v1 product.

In week 5, we invested $25k based on their initial traction. As the team continued to add new users and iterate on their product, we decided to pre-accept them into our LAUNCH Accelerator with an additional $100k investment.

Screenshot from their weekly update that we track in Founder University

Screenshot from their weekly update that we track in Founder University

The current process for a new real estate investor is as follows:

  • Search Zillow/MLS
  • Use a spreadsheet to gather data (HOA fees, property fees, etc)
  • Compare property listings
  • Visit and manually analyze the property
  • Perform calculations to determine if the property is cash-flow positive

How Coffee Clozers streamlines this process:

  • Search for a city or ZIP code (the user can flag and exclude “Fixer Uppers”)
  • The platform lists cashflow-positive properties
  • The platform's calculator helps determine upfront and recurring costs including:
  • HOA fees
  • Interest payments
  • Property taxes
  • Rental income
  • Renovations
  • CapEx

If you’re getting started as a real estate investor, try out the platform at

Learn more and apply for our upcoming Founder University cohort here.

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