threesixfive (365.) Accepts $25k From Founder University

Presh Dineshkumar
August 24, 2023

ThreeSixFive is a subscription-based health app that analyzes & tracks your food to help you lose weight.

There’s high friction when tracking calories because you have to enter each meal manually, weigh the food, search the macronutrients, and repeat this process consistently if you want to see change.

ThreeSixFive uses your phone camera to take a photo of your meals, and their AI instantly calculates calories and macronutrients.

How ThreeSixFive is helping users lose weight:

  1. The user submits a questionnaire on the website to create a customized nutrition plan.
  2. The nutrition plan is loaded in the app and lets users submit photos of their food.
  3. The AI instantly visualizes the food and counts the calories and macronutrients in each meal.
  4. The app then tracks your weight loss progress over time.

We met the founder, Jim, during cohort 4 of Founder.University. Jim started working on the idea at the beginning of the program and launched a landing page during Week 1 to build a waitlist.

Each Week, Jim continued working on the product and landed his first two paying customers by Week 8, each paying $119 monthly to automate calorie tracking.

After seeing their weekly growth and product velocity, we invested $25k to help them continue building.

The founder has an inspiring story of losing 125lbs by tracking his meals and counting calories manually, which inspired him to build ThreeSixFive to help others do the same.

If you’re trying to lose weight and unsure where to start, try the product with a free trial at

If you’re a builder-founder interested in joining the next cohort of Founder University, applications are open for our December 2023 cohort.

We review applications on a rolling basis. Learn more and apply at

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