Investment Spotlight: GolfGolf, Cohort 6

Presh Dineshkumar
October 25, 2023

GolfGolf is a web app that helps golfers assess their stance and swing and provides feedback to help improve their game.

How GolfGolf works:

  1. Visit and launch the web app
  2. Upload a photo of your golf stance
  3. GolfGolf’s AI produces an in-depth analysis of your golf swing and offers insights on how to improve it

Currently, they’re validating their idea with the AI assessment tool (seen above); however, the future vision of GolfGolf is to provide AI coaching, progress tracking, and competing with friends.

After launching in August 2023, they’ve had 1041 golfers use the AI assessment tool, 28 of whom paid for a full assessment, generating $909 in revenue.

The four co-founders (Abe, Kent, Charles, Henry) met while attending Trinity College and decided to work on GolfGolf shortly after graduation.

We met the team after they joined Founder University cohort 6 in August 2023. When they joined the program, they had 0 users, and their MVP wasn’t launched. By week 3, they launched, and had 40 golfers test their AI assessment tool.

We were quickly impressed by their product velocity and user growth week after week, so we invested $25k into the company.

If you’re a golfer and want to improve your game, visit to get started with their AI assessment.

If you’re a builder-founder interested in joining the next Founder University, applications are open for our December 2023 cohort.

We review applications on a rolling basis. Learn more and apply at

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