Investment Spotlight: VenturusAI, LA29

Daniel Leung
February 5, 2024

Many entrepreneurs know what they want to build but lack the business knowledge and skills to execute it.

VenturusAI is solving this problem by providing immediate insights and action items for new business concepts.

How VenturusAI works:

  1. Users log on to the web app and complete the prompt with a business idea.
  2. After clicking the ‘Generate’ button, a customized analysis is presented, including a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis, a guide on how to develop the MVP, unique selling points, financial considerations (including market analysis, the cost of running the startup, and revenue projections), and a GTM strategy.
  3. Users can continue the conversation with an AI chat to ask further questions. The AI can answer questions and prompts like: tell me more about the partnerships I can establish, what KPIs should I keep track of, who is my ideal customer, how can I target them.

Sunny Madra, co-founder and CEO of Definitive Intelligence, demoed the product to Jason on This Week in Startups (E1774). Shortly after, Emanuel was invited to be a guest on the podcast (E1777). During the episode, Jason invited the team into the LAUNCH Accelerator program and offered a $100K investment.

In less than three months, VenturusAI generated $7K in revenue, had over 30.5K accounts created, and 47K reports generated (~1.5 reports per account). In December 2023, the team passed $4.7K in MRR and is currently at $6K MRR.

If you're a builder-founder interested in fundraising and growth, we’d like to hear you! We review applications on a rolling basis. Learn more and apply at

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