Why we are evolving the LAUNCH Accelerator  

Jacqui Deegan
January 17, 2024

The LAUNCH Accelerator is a 14-week program where founders receive fundraising support, meet 200+ investors, and learn growth strategies. To date, we’ve invested in 211 accelerator startups, including LeadIQ, Grin, Fitbod, and Steezy.

We’re excited to announce an evolution of our curriculum.

Since our start in 2014, we’ve been primarily fundraising-focused. Founders pitch to 200+ investors over 13 weekly sessions, supplemented with targeted outreach and 1:1 coaching.

In the current market, investors are most interested in founders who can develop products quickly, hit growth targets, and demonstrate early product-market fit.

Beginning with LA31, kicking off on February 12th, we’re adjusting the structure to seven weeks of growth and PMF content, followed by seven weeks of intensive fundraising. We're offering the same fundraising support -- but after making sure the founders are ready for it.

We’re also doubling down on backing teams with multiple builder-founders. Builder-founders are capital-efficient and able to iterate rapidly to address customer feedback and demand.

Additionally, instead of running cohorts with seven companies each, beginning in Spring 2024 we will run cohorts of 14.

We prioritize teams that have the following:

  • Multiple co-founders
  • At least one technical co-founder writing code
  • Product velocity
  • A launched product with paying customers

We are now accepting rolling applications for our 2024 cohorts. Apply here.

For founding teams with an idea or MVP, we are now accepting applications for our Spring 2024 cohort of Founder University.

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